We are well-established firm providing a complex legal services for ten years. Our firm was registered in August 2002.

JUDr. Štěpán Liška is a founding member of Czech Society for a Business Law. In 2006, he was appointed as chair of an analytic committee at the Ministry of Regional Development, and he is one of arbitrators of Czech Society for a Transportaion Law. In 2008, Dr.Liška was a member of advisory board at The Ministry of Agrictrulture.

Our practice is based on the experience that we gradually acquired during our work in the field of business law, e.g. for the 3rd largest transportation firm in Czech Republic, and during our work on many legal cases in the area of business law and financial practice for state bodies and local governments. Our firm is experienced in the field of construction and urban development.

Our policy is based on mutual trust and respect between the client and the attorney. Discretion and professional etics are our principles. Our aim is to develop strong partnership and to concentrate all the informatioin and its procesing at one place.




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