Some of our recent cases
  • Claiming the right for a payment from the insurancy company due to unknown identity of carrier who uploaded the freight; first hearing - extent of 3.000 000 CZK,
  • Defending of carrier against a demand to cover the whole worse according to article 23 of CMR Treaty (responsibility above the limit of CMR); appeal of procedure - extent 1.200 000 CZK,
  • Proposition to annul the arbitral finding againts the carrier due to controversy with a code; pre-requisite measure, declaratory suit, quia timet action - extent 500 000 CZK,
  • Invalidity of dissolvement of employment contract; defending of employer - extraordinary appeal,
  • ÚOHS (Office for the Protection of Competition ) analysis againts the proposed preclusion in the tender - extent 500.000 000 CZK.


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