JUDr.Štěpán Liška
attorney at law

  Civil Law:

The emphasis is mainly on elaboration of all types of purchase, pledge, gift, and rent agreements as well as leaf of litigation
and administrative procedures connected with real estate, apartments and non-residential leases.

  Business Law:

Mainly legal advice and consultation as well as the drafting of business agreements, legal care of capital structures of companies, establishment of companies, and exact of enforceable claim.

- Investment in the construction and development field,

- Logistical field (storage, international shipping, camion transport, custom declaration),

- Field of foreign businesses in the Czech Republic,

- Field of law bills of exchange, checks and commercial papers,

- Field of bankruptcy law.

  Labor Law:

All employment tasks with employment and managerial contracts, processing of employment organization structures,
entitlements from invalid termination of employment, modification of employment relations with foreigners

  Criminal Law:

Activities connected with defense in topics relating to business law and representation of the affected in collateral proceedings. ·

Representation of individual or artificial persons under the Civil law in courts, arbitration courts, arbitrators and administrative bodies

  Administrative Law:

All activities connected with administrative order, decisions of state offices and corporations, tasks connected with administrative infraction law,
administrative procedure connected with local decisions and the Building Act

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